UD Trucks

Easy maintenance design

Daily service points are located behind the front lid for quick and easy access. In addition, the cabin is easy to tilt up to 65°, providing big space and convenient access to areas of the engine that are usually difficult to reach.

Multi-display monitor

Monitor the performance of the engines and get early warning of malfunctions through clear messages and warning lamps. With early warning you can identify minor problems before they become major repair bills.

Uptime is quality time

The new Quon and all our services are designed with a common goal: to keep your business running. This means we do everything possible to maximise uptime and secure everyday efficiency. With the new Quon we take a major leap in overall quality and reliability, combining proven technology with new intelligent solutions to ensure maximum uptime and low cost of ownership.

Gearbox Escot

Proven technology

The new Quon is built on proven technology to ensure reliable durability. The widely acclaimed engines, ESCOT-V and chassis have been fine-tuned for even more efficient performance. Building on the UD Trucks legacy of groundbreaking technology, such as the FLENDS catalytic reduction system.

Long-life brakes

High performance drum brakes are proven quality and recognised as the industry benchmark for many years. Trouble-free and easy to service, resulting in low maintenance costs and minimized downtime

Reliable chassis suspension

Going the extra mile takes chassis suspension to rely on. Like the Quon long-life and lightweight front springs, offering a smooth ride. The rear suspension is designed for high load capacity and high rolling rigidity.

Anti-corrosion protection

The new Quon features high-quality anticorrosion protection. Electrodeposition coating of the entire cab is followed by cation paint, middle and top paint. Three paint layers, all of which are oven hardened. This secures protection for a long truck life.