UD Trucks

The new Croner. Ahead of time.
Go the extra mile with the truck that makes every moment count.


Croner is named after Chronos, the god of time in Greek mythology, because it saves you time – and that saves you money. It means more time on the road and less time in the workshop. So you and your customers stay happy longer.

Croner is built to save your business time with a host of features – adding up minutes, hours and days saved with reliability to keep you running on the road for years.

Croner saves you days with service intervals longer than the industry standard. And hours upon hours with smart aftersales support, driver training, and accessible parts that give you faster maintenance. With a comfortable cab, high torque UD engines and our best-ever fuel efficiency, Croner makes every moment count on every run you make.

Croner keeps your business moving on time, every time. With maximized productivity and minimized downtime, it’ll deliver satisfaction to you – and your customers –
for years, no matter what the task.

General specifications

Axle configuration
15t; 16t; 17t
Engine series
250Hp(186kW); 280Hp(209kW)
Engine power range
Torque Nm
950; 1050
Engine torque range
6-speed MT;9-speed MT; 6-speed AT
Brake type
Full air braking system, automatic slack adjuster, spring-based parking brakes, exhaust brake system
Euro3,4* (*depending on markets ECS)
Emission control system
Cargo; dump; compactor