UD Trucks
Our founders’ vision was Ultimate Dependability; trucks that are more reliable and efficient than others. And Quester is a truck that excels on durability. Robust and easy to maintain, Quester can handle tough daily use on the construction or mining site.

Discover a truck that runs the extra mile in every respect. Created and built by dedicated specialists, it has unique qualities and has been tested extensively for all conditions. Quester takes you to places that other trucks cannot reach, and also to higher profits thanks to its immense efficiency and productivity. It’s a long-lasting, hard-working machine capable of getting the maximum work done, every single day.

With this truck we wanted to provide you with a flexible platform that adapts easily for any heavy transport operation. It provides the features you need to build a successful construction business. And at the mining site, it keeps material moving at high volume to lower your cost-per-tonne. Whatever your specification, our solution is always efficient and enduring. Quester is the optimum tool for the job and we are the most dedicated partner to help you run the extra mile.

General specifications

Axle configuration
Engine series
280Hp(206kW); 330Hp(246kW); 370Hp(273kW); 390HPp(287kW); 420Hp(309kW)
Engine power range
Torque Nm
1050; 1200;1734; 1800; 2000
Engine torque range
9-speed MT; 12-speed MT