UD Trucks

A powertrain for the long run

The heart of every Quester is our integrated powertrains that perform optimally because they’re specially designed and manufactured to work together. They combine the efficiency and durability of a Quester engine with a first class selection of globally proven drivetrain components.


Made to work together

You get durability to go the distance. The Quester driveline is carefully balanced to optimize performance under varying conditions. It gives excellent fuel economy at cruising speed due to the possibility of matching the driveline with the correct rear axle ratio.

hub reduction 2_380x250

High payload

You want a rear axle that lasts and requires little maintenance. Quester will fill your needs. Its housing is made from fabricated steel to effortlessly handle heavy loads – a supple choice for most heavy-duty applications. There is also a hub-reduction axle for more demanding applications.

A transmission excelling on the essentials

A locally sourced and popular transmission based on well-proven technology. We have further developed it to withstand tough conditions and meet our customers’ demands. After rigorous testing we have obtained first-rate results for reliability and durability. For the 11-liter engine you have a choice of 9 or 12 speed. For the 8-liter engine you can have 6 or 9 speed.