UD Trucks
To perform well on a long run, a driver needs to be in optimum condition and supported by optimum equipment. Quester’s spacious cab, designed for long distance comfort, reduces driver fatigue, with its well-planned driving environment resulting in safer and more fuel-efficient driving. The model range offers a vehicle configuration for just about any application in long distance transport with even more tailored solutions, such as a high sleeper cab variant, a wide choice of modern drivelines and a multitude of new cost-saving productivity features to make your vehicle even more effective on long runs.

In terms of operational efficiency, Quester sets a new benchmark. Strong, durable, reliable, and easy to service, so you spend less time on maintenance, increasing your productivity. With best in class fuel efficiency combined with a real-time fuel coaching system that shows the driver how to maximize time spent in the engine’s optimum fuel efficient rev range, you get quick dependable payback that will help you successfully achieve your business goals and targets.

This addition to the UD Trucks range leaves everything you’ve seen earlier trailing in its wake. Whether you’re on the road for weeks or home at the end of the day, you can rest assured that this truck will improve your bottom line.

General specifications

Axle configuration
Max. gross combination weight
Engine series
280Hp(206kW); 330Hp(246kW); 370Hp(273kW); 390Hp(287kW); 420Hp(309kW)
Engine power range
Torque Nm
1050; 1200; 1734; 1800; 2000
Engine torque range
9-speed MT; 12-speed MT