UD Trucks

Efficiency moving you forward

Look under the front lid of the new Quon and you’ll find hundreds of new improvements. We have refined Quon CW with one key ambition: to deliver maximum transport efficiency. Which is why the Quon CW delivers numerous best-in-class fuel efficiency features. It’s why you get improved payload capacity, and why we have taken a lead on safety. It’s also the reason for our unrelenting focus on low cost of ownership of your truck, backed up by our extensive UD Extra Mile Support. This is where it all comes together. Fuel efficiency. Uptime. Driver performance. Drive it and experience the difference.

General specifications

Axle configuration
20t; 22t; 25t
Engine series
350Hp(257kW); 380Hp(279kW); 410Hp(302kW)
Engine power range
Torque Nm
1,716; 1,814
Engine torque range
ESCOT-V (12-speed AMT); 7-speed MT; 12-speed MT
Cargo; Dump; Mixer