UD Trucks

A commitment to the environment

The environment is an issue common to all of us, and one that companies around the world should be joining together to engage. At UD Trucks, we carefully consider the environmental impact of all our activities, from the basic research and planning stages through to the materials used, our suppliers, the production process, use of the vehicles by our customers, through to recycling and final disposal. Our goal is to provide products that are created with forethought for the environment, and are focused on the effective use of resources and reduced environmental impact.

Environmental care

In the lifecycle of a truck, the largest share of greenhouse emissions released comes from CO2 generated during the actual operation of the truck. In 2004, UD Trucks developed the world’s first urea-based selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system for trucks, the Urea SCR System. A combination of ultra-high-pressure fuel injection and the Urea SCR System resulted in the development of the cutting-edge Final Low Emission New Diesel System, or FLENDS. 
FLENDS provides a dramatic reduction in particulate material (PM), NOx and emissions, a further reduction in CO2 emissions and improved fuel efficiency—it is a major leap ahead in environmental technology. To comply with the requirements of the Post-New Long-Term (PNLT) emission regulations, the Quon has adopted a further improvement of the Urea SCR catalyst, and has been fitted with UD Trucks’ own large-scale PM-reduction equipment. Featuring automatic regeneration, its high recovery capability reliably removes particulate material from exhaust gases. 

At UD Trucks factories, energy savings and a reduction of CO2 emissions have been achieved through the application of high energy efficiency and new systems use. Waste materials have been reduced through the sorting of refuse and recycling, while difficult-to-dispose of materials are consistently handled in a way that reduces environmental impact. 

The Earth is our irreplaceable home UD Trucks is committed to doing all it can to preserve the global economy by acting in harmony with nature and realizing sustainable development, and to contributing to society by creating clean, safe and comfortable vehicles. And, as a member of the Volvo Group, UD Trucks’ environmental actions are in keeping with the direction of the Group’s highly regarded activities in this area.