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The largest environmental impact in the lifecycle of a truck occurs while it is operated by our customers. The use of diesel fuel, necessary for the operation of the truck, also leads to the depletion of fossil fuels, while CO2 emissions are a cause of global warming. Parts replaced during vehicle maintenance also result in the generation of waste. At UD Trucks, Eco Driving targets the truck driver for training in driving skills and knowledge acquisition that will assist in reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. We also provide UD Genuine Parts that mean longer intervals between exchange, plus reduced waste.

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Creating Eco-Drivers

The driver is one of the biggest single factors affecting the fuel economy of a truck—and fuel economy in turn is directly connected to environmental performance. The difference in fuel consumption between the best driver in the fleet and a beginner can be remarkable. It’s important for an operator, then, to get all its drivers to the best possible level, and to reduce environmental impact to the minimum amount possible. 

UD Trucks is there to help with the Eco-Driving program.  UD Trucks Japan started the Eco-Driving seminars in May of 2007. In 2013, the seminars were held in 190 places in Japan with approximately 3,000 drivers participating. Now held several hundred times annually across Japan, the training consists of a seminar for 10 to 15 drivers, with actual driving sessions before and after training. The results are usually very impressive, with the improved accelerator and shifting operations—and often reduced speeds—resulting in fuel savings of some 8.7%* on average. We now have built three special buses that is completely outfitted to hold the Eco-Driving seminars; the company plans to increase the total number of these training vehicles to 10 by 2015.

Eco Driving training

The principles taught in Eco-Driving sessions have an impact beyond fuel efficiency and reduced environmental impact. Research has shown that applying Eco-Driving principals also results in lower rates of accidents, and reduced wear on the vehicle and load. Operators can see reduced costs, not only through better fuel economy, but through safer operations with fewer accidents and increased vehicle lifespan with reduced damage and wear. 

Internationally, more local UD Trucks companies are applying similar programs. As customers see the value in all areas of their truck operations, the demand for the program will only grow in the future. 

* Source : Technical Paper Presentation at Annual Congress held by Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan (JSAE)

UD Genuine Parts: Optimized vehicle condition and service intervals 

Aftermarket service is essential to uptime and the long life of the truck. The choice of parts and materials likewise has a major effect on everything from ongoing service intervals to the final length of time the vehicle can remain in operation. UD Genuine Parts have been specifically designed for UD Trucks vehicles, and for the operations actually engaged in by our customers. 

In the Japanese market, UD genuine oil and genuine oil filters are designed for longer service intervals. Their use also means a reduction in waste materials generated during operations, and therefore reduced environmental impact. Obviously, if a part only has to be replaced half as often as in the past, there will be less waste created because of parts exchange. This also means a reduction in the energy and raw materials consumed in production, because fewer replacement parts are needed. Both of these factors also mean lower environmental impact. 

The extended service intervals provided by UD Genuine Parts also contribute to uptime, and minimize the truck’s total lifecycle costs. Durable and reliable UD Genuine Parts help ensure that the truck is maintained in the optimal, safe condition.