UD Trucks

Environment management system

Based on ISO 14001, everything from product development to disposal is managed by an integrated Environment Management System (EMS). At UD Trucks, this means that environmental activities are implemented following environment management which takes an all-Group viewpoint.

Environment Management System

ISO14001 Certification

As part of UD Trucks’ environmental protection activities, the company has continued to pursue certification to the international ISO 14001 standard. The main Ageo Factory was the first to be certified in 1998*, followed in 2002* by the Product Development Department, and followed up to 2009* by the Konosu and Hanyu factories and other group companies.

In the creation of the ISO14001 system, the company’s Product Development Department, Sales Department, back office, factories, and closely related Group companies are all treated as one single location. The process of certification helps the entire Group to act together in promoting the activities that will help reach the targets and goals of the overall environmental plan. 

To ensure that UD Trucks’ EMS is performing the appropriate functions, internal audits are performed at fixed intervals each year. The audits are performed by registered internal auditors who inspect the operations of the EMS and perform confirmation and evaluation of compliance to internal rules and environmental regulations. Audits of the EMS by external organizations are also conducted annually. 

An internal information-gathering system has also been constructed so that the company is in compliance with both national and local laws, as well as with the environmental guidelines of industry organizations in which UD Trucks is a participant.

* fiscal year