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UD Trucks is Running the Extra Mile


Total number of kilometers run by UD Trucks people in official running races around the world in 2017.

3000 km The same distance as the legendary test drive in 1939

Get to know about the legendary test drive

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Why does UD Trucks link to running?

Running is the world’s most common form of exercise and has many health benefits. At UD Trucks, we engineer, produce and support each UD truck to run further with a minimum of energy consumption, just like a long-distance runner. Successful long-distance runners perfectly illustrate efficiency and endurance in races, and we share the same attributes with these runners; passion, determination, and willingness to go the extra mile. In this spirit, we link the UD Trucks brand to running.
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UD Trucks is running worldwide!

UD market races 2015
True to our brand promise of Going the Extra Mile, many employees are running and going the extra mile in different UD markets. In 2015, more than 200 employees participated in running activities and this is just the beginning. A lot more running activities are expected in 2016. Running activities have kicked off in Australia, Singapore, Japan, South Africa, and Thailand and UD Trucks will expand the running concept and will ultimately involve partners and customers in future running activities.
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Mizuno Ekiden

12 Singapore-based employees participated in the Mizuno Ekiden relay race and ran a total of 84.4km on July 18, 2015. Each runner went the extra mile under the burning sun with temperatures climbing up to 33°C.

Bridge to Brisbane Day

On August 28th, the 100-strong Team UD Trucks, consisting of employees and their families, conquered both the 5km and 10km treks at the 2015 Bridge to Brisbane in Australia. 2015 marked their third participation at the Bridge to Brisbane event.

Ageo City Marathon

UD Trucks has been supporting since 2013, the Ageo City Marathon in Japan and has been giving away neck warmers to children running the race. Up to this day, more than 200 employees have participated in this marathon embodying the brand promise.

AfriForum Springbok Vasbyt

3 UD Trucks employees ran their first race at the AfriForum Springbok Vasbyt in their new UD Trucks gear in Pretoria, South Africa on July 11, 2015. 2 runners completed the 25km race and 1 runner finished the 10km race.

Bangkok Marathon

5 employees ran at the Bangkok Marathon on November 15, 2015. The runners competed in the 4.5km, 10km and 42.2km races. One of the UD runners trained for a month and to know more about her training, read the interview below.
“If you have the passion and if you train enough, you can do anything!”

- Pawanrat Punnikul, UD runner