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The UD Trucks Gemba Challenge is an international scale technicians and aftermarket competition held every other year to develop and demonstrate the service excellence of the frontline people in UD dealerships. 2014 was the first year, 185 teams from Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, South Africa and South Asia fought for the best UD Trucks aftermarket personnel title in the world.

The Gemba Challenge is based on the idea of the UD gemba spirit. At UD we put emphasis on the gemba, where the action takes place and the value is created. It is the professional, passionate and dependable spirit of the UD people. It is being close to the ground to identify the essentials, and the driving force that allows us to excel on them

The aim of the UD Gemba Challenge

  • To act as a motivational tool driving a global UD culture of loyalty, brand awareness and competence development
  • To showcase the high skills level available in the UD Trucks markets and in the process established a measurable standard of service and skill across the world
  • To ultimately deliver direct benefits to dealers in the form of improved knowledge and skills of their employees, which will subsequently lead to an enhanced service experience for our customer

Gemba Challenge 2016 ”Seize the opportunity”

The new Gemba Challenge competition aims to increase  the number of teams with 40%, so that  it over 1000 individual participants, all ready and willing to increase their knowledge. The teams are made up of technicians, parts specialist and customer-facing personnel, all of them delivering the UD customer experience in our workshops. There are 2 theoretical rounds, where Technical knowledge, Commercial knowledge and Brand knowledge questions will need to be answered. The best team from each participating country will win a place at the much coveted Final in Tokyo in November, 2016.

Let’s see who the 2016 winner will be!

Watch the Gemba Challenge 2016 "Seize the opportunity" on Youtube

For more information, please contact Fiona Mårtensson at fiona.martensson@volvo.com