UD Trucks

Construction and mining

Quester is especially adapted for the construction and mining industries. It is strong, reliable and designed for handling high payloads.

Advantages for construction and mining:
• Reliable chassis for rough and hilly conditions
• Hub reduction available on the tandem axles with the tried and tested T-Ride rear suspension
• Steel offroad bumper with high ground clearance and excellent approach angle
• Rolling form frame suitable for both
  vertical and torsion stress
• Available as 6×4T/R and 8×4R

quester stability_380x250

Superior ground clearance

Quester’s construction cab provides excellent agility. It’s purposely designed front steel bumper position ensures the maximum ground clearance and approach angle.


Wide and stable frame

The chassis frame forms the backbone of Quester. It is dimensioned to provide stability, payload capacity and long-life performance.

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Hub reduction

Quester has the option of hub reduction where the stresses are split between the hub and the axle. With the hub reduction both inter-axle and inter-wheel differential locks are fitted giving outstanding vehicle availability.

Maximum uptime

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Easy daily maintenance

Engine service points are located behind the grill for ease of service. Here it is possible to check the clutch fluid, washer reservoir and air conditioning filter. The oil dipstick is conveniently located at the back of the cab.

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UD genuine service

Performed by UD Trucks dealers with access to the most up-to-date UD Trucks tools, UD diagnostic equipment and the product quality of UD Genuine Parts.

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UD genuine parts

UD Genuine Parts meet UD Trucks vehicle specifications, fit perfectly and deliver high reliability and durability to provide longer service life and improved uptime.

Fuel-efficient driving

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Fuel coaching system

Quester comes with a real-time Fuel Coach. The display shows the driver when to shift, brake or accelerate for maximum time in the engines optimum fuel efficient rev range, the so called sweet spot The system is simple to understand and easy to use.

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Fuel-efficiency training

UD Trucks’ fuel-efficiency training is an additional service. Our courses in economical driving also teach you how to use the truck’s Fuel Coaching System to get the most out of the engine for smarter, more cost efficient driving.


Proven engine performance

UD Trucks is part of one of the world’s largest producers of heavy diesel engines. That means our powertrains have components with thorough real-life testing behind them.