UD Trucks

Chassis to build your business on

Are you looking for new ways to transport more cargo every run? Or are you worried that your trucks don’t have the capacity that your customers really require in order for you to guarantee safe and secure transport? With the Quester you can feel confident that you have a truck with payload capacity suited for your operation – whatever your business. It begins with a durable and rugged frame that provides a stable basis on which to build on.


cab suspension_380x250

Strong and flexible frame

The Quester frame is robust and handles tough demands. The side rail section is made from strong and durable rolling form steel and is available in thicknesses of 7.0 or 8.0 mm. Rolling form is a torsional flexible frame with uniform stiffness, good for vertical stress and torsion stress when rolling and pitching happen together. This reduces stress from uneven road surfaces, loads with high center of gravity and unevenly distributed loads, making it suitable for many different conditions.

The toughest

The T-ride rear suspension on the 6×4T/R is designed for rough conditions and particularly suitable for construction where durability and high reliability are of the highest importance. Rubber springs between the springs and rear axles contribute to good comfort under all axle loads. Rubber journalled V-stays and reduction rods give a smooth operation.

Wide wheelbase range

By having a wide product range and many available wheelbases, Questers is able to maximize the payload depending on your business needs.

Reliable rear suspension

Multileaf springs for high capacity and easy maintenance. Designed to deliver the best ride under the worst conditions. The rear suspension on the 6×4T/R and 8×4R features trunnion-mounted springs and rubber towers for excellent traction in off-road conditions.

High axle load capacity

Due to the robust design of axles Quester is designed to operate at high GVWs and GCWs to give a competitive load carrying capacity. For the toughest conditions hub reduction is also available which maximizes the ground clearance.