UD Trucks

Efficient comfort

The Quon cabin is designed for driver comfort and everyday efficiency. The ergonomic drivers environment with wide field of view and easy access to instruments and controls helps the driver to stay focused on the road ahead. The high cabin comfort and contemporary ambiance also help the driver stay alert and reduce fatigue during long-haul driving.

Ergonomic dashboard

The ergonomic dashboard is designed like a cockpit, with frequently used controls within easy reach. The locations of meters and instruments are carefully selected to support easy operation

Seated in comfort

The driver’s seat features a large head restraint and air suspension for maximum comfort, even during long shifts. It can be adjusted in a range of ways to ensure an optimum driving position, regardless of the driver’s body type.

Air suspension cabin

The Quon cabin is mounted on a 4-point wide tread air suspension mounting system, which improves cabin stability and enhance overall driving comfort. It also helps to minimise rolling when the truck is turning.

Co-pilot seat

The assistant seat can be used either as a normal reclining seat, or in a fully flat position as part of the bed. In addition, it can be raised to provide extra space.

Convenient bed space

The comfortable cabin features a highly convenient sleeper bed. It has great overhead space, wide area to lie down and a broad back panel.

High roof space +380 mm

If you specify your new Quon with High Roof, you will benefit from of convenience above your head. The extra space adds to the overall airy atmosphere and even allows you to stand up when taking a break.