UD Trucks

High axle load capacity

The new Quon features a robust axle design for enhanced durability and high GVW capacity.

Less weight, more load.

Efficient and reliable transports require an efficient and reliable chassis. Like in the new Quon. With high-quality components and built-in flexibility for easy adaption to your business. And since we know every kilo counts, we have optimised every single part of the chassis to reduce the overall weight. The result? Improved payload for improved productivity and fuel-efficiency.

Wide wheelbase range

By having a wide products range and many available wheelbases, the new Quon is able to maximize the payload depending on your business needs.

Lighter chassis for higher payload

The chassis is in the new Quon is among the lightest on the market, which gives you an improved payload of up to 200 kg, depending on model and specification. A significant raise in capacity that will improve your overall productivity.

*Since the payload will depend on application, please ask the Customer advisor at your nearest UD trucks dealer if you have any Questions.

Reliable rear suspension

The long-life rear suspension is designed to ensure a comfortable ride and excellent stability even in rough conditions. High capacity, durable and optimised for easy maintenance.

High Rigidity Cab

Strong and flexible frame

The robust frame is designed to handle tough demands. It’s dimensioned to provide stability, payload capacity and long-life-performance.

Superior strength steel

The rigid truck rear frame is made from cold-formed high tensile carbon steel that combines high strength with low weight.