UD Trucks

Eternal flow of time

Quon literally means the eternal flow of time in Japanese. Our “eternal flow of time” refers to our evolutionary growth from the past to the future together with our customers. We believe that this will allow us to provide you with the ultimate level of reliability with our products and services, paving the “Road to Your Success”. We have incorporated this philosophy into the meaning of our truck name to further highlight the fact that our product is the result of comprehensive studies of past experience and challenges, and that we strive to grow together with our customers. In essence, this means that the Quon delivers the advantages of premium quality of every conceivable feature as a means of supporting our customer’s highest expectations.

Premium level of care

The Quon has been designed to meet these demands by offering them a premium level of care for economical operation, driver safety, driver comfort, Japanese quality and durability, all backed with easy maintenance to give all operators access to the premium life cycle care.

General specifications

Axle configuration
Engine series
350Hp(257kW); 380HP(279kW)
Engine power range
Torque Nm
1,716; 1,790
Engine torque range
7-speed MT; ESCOT-V (12-speed AMT)