UD Trucks

Reliability and durability you can count on

Highly reliable and durable trucks are essential for ensuring the high levels of uptime and distribution that shippers demand. Quon achieves its unrivaled quality throughout the entire vehicle, easily passing tests in even the strictest environments.

Superb chassis enhances reliability and durability

The Quon uses steel plates treated with cationic coating for rust prevention, as well as a salt water-resistant coating. Resin parts in the cab and parts of the chassis, such as a resin AdBlue tank, provide an extended service life.

Hub bearing unit for improved maintenance

Shield type hub bearing unit, for improved maintenance during inspections. 

UD Trucks All-New Quon

Easy-maintenance Cab

All of the equipment required for daily inspections is located on the front lid, for greater inspection eff¬iciency. The entire cab tilts 65 degrees for an expansive work space.

Cab for easy daily maintenance

All of the equipment that is required when performing daily inspections is located on the front lid, for improved efficiency during inspections. The cab tilts to 65 degrees for a large work space.
* The front lid should be opened before tilting the cab.

Periodic replacement parts and long replacement intervals

Quon’s disc brakes do not require expanders, reducing the number of parts that need to be regularly replaced. High-quality synthetic oils that are highly heat-resistant and do not easily degrade extend replacement intervals and uptime.

Long-lasting LED headlamps

Long-lasting and power-saving LED lamps, which degrade little from being switched on and off, provide clear and bright light for a long time, lowering running costs.

UD Trucks All-New Quon

Maximizing uptime is a game-winner in business: "UD Extra-Mile Support"

We believe that genuine parts ensure peace of mind. After delivery, regular maintenance using the latest technology is essential to maximize Quon uptime, and ensure superior fuel efficiency, driving performance, and safety. With "UD Genuine Maintenance," our knowledgeable and experienced mechanics perform optimal maintenance using UD Trucks specialized tools and high-quality "UD Genuine Parts". Our parts conform to rigorous standards and contributes to maintaining quality for long periods and maximizing uptime. If trouble does occur, our nationwide service network provides prompt support to minimize downtime.