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UD Trucks All-New Quon

Advanced fuel-efficient driveline

The Quon driveline, featuring the clean GH11 engine with increased horsepower and torque and the "ESCOT-VI" automated manual transmission with enhanced fuel efficiency, is available for all models. The driveline uses advanced technology for high levels of fuel efficiency and smooth driving comfort with minimal fatigue.

UD Trucks All-New Quon common rail

Efficient, clean and powerful GH11 engine

The GH11 engine’s new fuel injection system uses the unique properties of both unit injector and common rail system.

  • Generates power torque in a wide revolution range, starting from low revolutions
  • Light-weight, high performance Variable Geometry Turbo Charger (VGT) with excellent response, for responding to detailed accelerator work

UD Trucks All-New Quon ESCOT

ESCOT-VI road predictive function for enhanced fuel efficiency

The ESCOT-VI 12-speed automated manual transmission suppresses fluctuations in fuel efficiency. Further evolution in hardware and software control has achieved enhanced fuel efficiency with quick response. The Foretrack road predictive function enhances fuel efficiency when the vehicle drives with high speed on the climbing up and down slope road.

"FLENDS" selective catalytic reduction system

UD Trucks has introduced "FLENDS", the world's first selective catalytic reduction system in a heavy-duty truck. By combining an enhanced fuel injection system with an SCR processing system, we have complied with the 2016 emissions regulations and improved fuel efficiency.

Advanced functions for enhanced fuel efficiency

ECO mode comes on when the Quon engine starts, automatically enabling ESCOT Roll, Acceleration Limiter, Soft Cruise Control, ”Foretrack” and other features. Fuel-efficient operation begins when you turn on the ignition.

Enhanced fuel efficiency with GPS functions

  • ECO Mode ON
  • Cruise Control ON
  • Vehicle speed 60km/h or faster
  • Ascending and descending hilly roads

"Foretrack" road predictive function

When using cruise control (at 60 km/h or more) in ECO mode, this function enhances fuel efficiency on hilly roads. Using GPS, road gradients are scanned and saved to predict road conditions when driving the same roads again. Automated optimal control of vehicle speed, engine rpm, and auxiliary braking ensure comfortable, safe, and eco operation regardless of driver skill.

Understand how Foretrack works

Predictive Acceleration
Predicts the next ascending hill. Controls the optimum acceleration before ascents, suppressing the frequency to change down.

Limit on Vehicle Speed when Ascending
Vehicle speed controlled at an optimally low speed when using cruise control, to enhance fuel efficiency.

Limit on Vehicle Speed
When nearing the top of a hill, predicts the next descent to quickly control unnecessary vehicle speed.

Automatically changes gear to neutral before a descent, to enhance fuel efficiency.

Optimum Vehicle Speed Control
If vehicle speed increases, ESCOT Roll is cancelled and auxiliary braking is used to achieve the optimum vehicle speed.

Predictive braking
Predicts the end of a descent and continues coasting with ESCOT Roll to optimize the frequency of auxiliary braking.

UD Trucks All-New Quon


This function enhances fuel efficiency while coasting, by reducing the consumption of fuel due to re-acceleration. It is enabled automatically if certain conditions* are satisfied while in ECO mode. Furthermore, if the vehicle speed gets too fast when Traffic Eye Cruise Control is ON to control the optimum speed for maintaining distance with the preceding vehicle, ESCOT Roll is cancelled automatically.
* When the gear lever is in the D range, the exhaust brake switch is OFF, and coasting in 7th gear or higher on a flat road.

Acceleration Limiter

Sudden acceleration above a certain level is limited, even when flooring the accelerator pedal, in order to enhance fuel efficiency and maintain stable driving. Further, in situations where acceleration is required, the driver can turn ON the ECO OFF switch on the steering wheel to enable ECO OFF mode and remove the limitation on the lorry's strong acceleration.

Soft Cruise Control

If the Cruise Control switch is turned ON while in ECO mode, Soft Cruise mode is enabled. This function provides excellent fuel efficiency by changing the vehicle speed to a gentle acceleration based on the load on the engine when driving at a constant speed.

UD Trucks All-New Quon Nenpi Coach

"Nenpi Coach" for fuel-efficiency advice

The "Nenpi Coach" system analyzes driving patterns for a specified time period, then displays optimal fuel-efficiency advice on the multi-display monitor in an easy-to-read format. The driver can also check other detailed info and optimal driving techniques to improve fuel economy.

UD Trucks All-New Quon Nenpi Coach report

Fuel efficiency report for enhanced fuel efficiency

The UD Information Service receives fuel efficiency information that is calculated with the Nenpi Coach directly from the truck, and provides fuel efficiency results and driving evaluations on a monthly basis for each vehicle.

Features of the fuel efficiency report:

  1. Efficient improvement of fuel consumption by linking the fuel efficiency reports with the Nenpi Coach
  2. Fuel efficiency is calculated based on remote information from the vehicle, without the need to enter the volume of fuel supplied
  3. Specific advice provided for each driving category, such as the green zone, top gear, ESCOT and use of cruise control
  4. Fuel efficiency values and scores for the past 13 months graphed in chronological order