UD Trucks
UD Trucks All-New Quon CD

UD Trucks All-New Quon CG

Advanced exterior with a focus on both、efficiency and functional beauty

Our flagship model features advanced functionality, and an impressive, dynamic exterior design. Our goal was to develop designs that make drivers proud and happy to drive Quon. In addition to sophisticated, functional beauty, the aerodynamic performance also contributes to fuel efficiency. In addition, a low cabin design with 2-step entry/exit allow smooth and safe entry to and exit from the Truck. Further, the headlamps feature power-saving, long-lasting LED lamps, for bright, clear light that improves night-time visibility for safer driving.

Superior Aerodynamic Performance

Airflow is directed smoothly from the flat front face to the corners of the lorry. The new shape of the wind deflector also improves fuel efficiency.

UD Trucks All-New Quon interior

Comfortable interior based on design that "puts people first"

We have reexamined the fundamentals of operability and visibility based on ergonomics. The redesigned dashboard area, steering wheel, gear lever, and brake pedals, along with an instrument panel that provides excellent visibility, provide a comfortable environment in which the driver can concentrate on driving. The black and silver cockpit has a sophisticated atmosphere, with a careful attention to detail that will ensure high levels of comfort and satisfaction for any driver.