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Safety functions for risk prediction

Truly safe driving on a daily basis requires the vehicle to predict potential dangers and immediately notify the driver. Quon features safety systems based on advanced technology including Traffic Eye braking and Driver Alert. The goal of "safety that puts people first" mandates safe conditions for drivers as well as those in the surrounding environment. Safety is built into all basic features, with heat-dissipating, fade-resistant disc brakes available on all models.

Active safety: risk prediction for driver safety

Traffic Eye brake system

Dual monitoring with millimeter-wave radar and camera dramatically improves detection of the vehicle ahead. The AEBS01 series represents our early compliance with requirements for strengthened braking to reduce collision damage, ahead of scheduled implementation in November 2019.

UD Trucks All-New Quon CD

Traffic Eye Brake System components

  1. Camera - Functions as a sub-sensor when detecting stopped vehicles.
  2. Millimeter-wave radar - Functions as the main sensor when detecting the vehicle ahead.

UD Trucks All-New Quon traffic eye

Traffic Eye Brake System operation figure

  1. Uses both millimeter-wave radar and camera to monitor conditions in front of the truck.
  2. While driving, if the possibility of collision with the vehicle ahead is detected, the driver is quickly notified with a warning indicator and an alarm.
  3. If the vehicle reaches a distance where collision is possible, the brakes are applied quickly to reduce any damage due to collision.

* The Traffic Eye Brake System provides assistance for safe driving. However, it does not guarantee that all collisions will be avoided. It might not be possible to use this system in some road, vehicle, and weather conditions. Please take care to drive safely without relying on this system.

UD Trucks All-Nre Quon Driver Alert System

Driver alert system

The camera installed inside the cab recognizes the positional relationships between traffic lanes and vehicles, and estimates driver awareness based on steering irregularities. If the driver's concentration drops, a two-step alarm and warning message on the multi-display alert the driver and suggest a break.

UD Trucks All-New Quon Lane departure warning system

Lane departure warning system

The cab camera detects the traffic lanes to the left and right. If the driver unintentionally leaves the lane at speeds of 60 km/h or more, an alarm sounds and an indicator flashes. This function is not triggered by the brakes or turn indicators.

UDSC (UD Stability Control)

If the UDSC sensor detects conditions in which the truck could become unstable, such as curves or slippery road surfaces, the system applies control appropriate to engine output and braking power to each tire to maintain stability. UDSC is available on all models.

  1. Drifting (snowy roads, etc.)
  2. Spinning
  3. Rollover

Basic safety: ensuring safe driving by reducing driver fatigue

UD Trucks All-New Quon headlamp

LED headlamps

Long-lasting LED low-beam lamps provide bright, clear light to improve night visibility for safe driving.

UD Trucks All-New Quon disk brake

Disc brakes

Disc brakes with high heat dissipation and superior fade resistance provide reliable braking performance even on long descents while hauling cargo. In addition, because they are less susceptible to water penetration, they provide stable braking performance even in adverse conditions. They respond quickly and smoothly to the operation of the brake pedal and reduce the impact of braking, to prevent damage to your valuable cargo.

Emergency braking system

Dual monitoring with a millimeter-wave radar and camera. Warns the driver when it detects the possibility of a front collision with another vehicle. If the chance of a collision increases, it applies the brakes automatically to reduce damage.

UD EEB (UD Extra Engine Braking)

The UD EEB function on the GH11 engine maintains a high engine rpm to ensure maximum auxiliary braking performance.

Safe brake blending

Superior braking efficiency and optimal balance between the main brakes and auxiliary brakes, achieved simply by pressing the brake pedal.

Immobilizer, equipped as standard

The immobilizer is equipped as standard on all models. The engine can be started only with the dedicated key, helping to greatly reduce the risk of vehicle theft.

UD Trucks All_New Quon long grip

Long grip on driver's side and 2-step floor height

An extended grip and two-step entry/exit provide additional driver safety. Cab floor height has also been lowered to improve forward visibility.

Passive safety: minimizing damage

The SAFES CABIN consists of a highly rigid cab loaded with safety features. Collision impact is redirected to the rear, and side-door beams improve safety by enhancing interior strength. Injury-reducing features include seat-belts with pre-tensioners, SRS airbags, and impact-absorbing steering wheel and column. Under-run protection (front and rear) reduce damage to other vehicles and their drivers.