UD Trucks

UD Trucks brand promise “Going the Extra Mile”

Our ethos is to always go the extra mile in everything we do. We leave nothing to chance and always look to provide customers with the optimum transport solutions. With UD Trucks, customers can rest assured that they have made the smart choice as our unique DNA ensures we provide solutions to their most demanding needs time to time.

The brand promise contains two parts:

Going the Extra Distance
Crossing roads

A fundamental policy of UD Trucks is to ensure that our trucks go the “extra distance.” This means they can go an extra distance on each liter of fuel. It’s about more than just enabling exceptional fuel efficiency, however. We develop and deliver products with world class durability and reliability which meets the high safety and environmental demands of today. In combination with the built-in ease of maintenance and our professional services and dependable parts our trucks run further providing extra uptime for our customers.

These excellent features are made possible through our relentless focus on ultimate dependability and through the global state-of-the-art driveline solutions, which combine the best of UD Trucks’ heritage of developing pioneering engines and transmissions with the leading driveline technologies of the Volvo Group.

Making the Extra Effort 


Right from our earliest days, people working for UD Trucks have had a spirit of always seeking to go the “extra mile,” or make the extra effort.

From sales reps to workshop mechanics, all UD Trucks employees on the frontline stay in close contact with customers so they can identify potential challenges. Their professional and passionate approach coupled with a willingness to make the extra effort ensure that customers have the tools to take their business to the next level. 

Going the Extra Mile—It’s to excel on the essentials that make a difference for our customers, both now and long into the future. Also, to excel on the essentials makes our customers profitable: fuel efficiency, uptime and low running cost.

Going the Extra Mile—It’s taking our unique philosophies into the future, touching people’s hearts, being their smart choice.

Going the Extra Mile—It’s our local presence, working hand in hand to help customers meet their present demands and future aspirations. So they can run the extra distance for their customers, and for the customers beyond. 
This is our promise: we go the extra mile, so you can go the extra mile. So that finally, we can win the race together.