UD Trucks


Smart drivability

The Quon’s cabin is completely redesigned for driver comfort, while the ESCOT-VI automated manual transmission provides unparalleled operability. Disc brakes, available on all models, ensure quick and smooth response and powerful braking. It all adds up to a comfortable and safe environment for drivers.

Smart fuel efficiency

Refinements to the whole driveline have improved fuel efficiency. The powerful and clean GH11 engine ensures that all models exceed rigid fuel economy standards by up to 5%. The ESCOT-VI road predictive "Foretrack" function and "Nenpi Coaching" advice provide efficiency-improving assistance.

Smart safety

A variety of advanced technologies like Traffic Eye braking and Driver Alert protect drivers and pedestrians alike. Advanced disc brakes with superior heat dissipation and fade resistance are available on all models, as are active safety features that predict risk for driver safety, and basic safety features that reduce fatigue while driving.

Smart productivity

Total vehicle weight has been reduced for all models, improving cargo handling and suspension. The "Perfect Quon" truck lineup has also been expanded, with advanced functionality to increase productivity.

Smart uptime

Comprehensive after-sales services like "Genuine UD Maintenance and Parts," "UD-TRUST" maintenance support, and "UD Information Service" ensure the optimal maintenance to maximize uptime.

Exterior and interior

Our flagship model features advanced functionality with impressive, dynamic exterior design. In addition to its classic and functional beauty, the aerodynamic performance also contributes to fuel efficiency.