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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

UD Trucks unveiled All-New heavy-duty truck Quon at Ageo Headquarters, Japan

UD Trucks held the launch event of its new heavy duty truck Quon at Ageo headquarters and UD Experience Center. More than 200 customers from Japan and Australia and members of the press participated in the series of launch events.


On April 11th, UD Trucks launched its new heavy duty truck Quon at Ageo headquarters, the first full model change in 13 years. All new Quon represents innovation in five essential feature areas – drivability, fuel efficiency, safety, productivity, and uptime – to better meet customers’ needs and allow them to tackle today’s challenges, such as transportation efficiency, driver shortage and societal demands on safety and environmental matters. 

During the launch event, Yoshihiro Murakami, President of UD Trucks said, “ At UD Trucks, we believe that the truck the world needs today is a truck that contribute to smart logistics with smart fuel efficiency, smart productivity, and smart safety that provide sustainable and efficient transportation solutions. In addition, trucks that can be driven by anyone with ease and comfort. Easy operation and comfort of the cabin, which is the drivers’ working environment, is becoming increasingly important as criteria for purchasing trucks in order to attract drivers, including female drivers. The all-new Quon is a truck that puts people first in logistics with cutting edge innovations.”
The all-new Quon reveal show was followed by a tour around the five booths featuring the five essential feature areas in the UD Experience Center. At each booth, UD experts explained how UD Trucks developed the all new Quon’s cutting edge innovations in details with their gemba perspective. The customers and members of the press also had the opportunity to test drive the all new Quon and experience the improved automatic transmission, ESCOT-VI, as well as the newly adapted disk brakes. Many of the customers and members of the press shared their feedback on the new Quon, with comments such as “it’s like driving a passenger car.”
The New Quon is the culmination of the UD Trucks proud heritage of passion for engineering, passion for manufacturing and passion for its customers. It embodies UD Trucks’ determination to contribute to the success of customers’ business by providing the best solutions to realize smart logistics.

“Over the past years, we have invested more than during any previous period in UD’s history: in products, in facilities, in services, and in our people.” said Joachim Rosenberg, Chairman of UD Trucks. “As a company, UD Trucks is today stronger than ever before and we are building our strength further. Our goal is clear - to be the leading Japanese heavy-duty offering provider.”

For more about the details of the all new Quon and its five feature areas, please visit UD Trucks official website for Quon: http://www.udtrucks.com/en-int/all-new-quon

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