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UD Trucks launches new medium-duty Condor truck

Friday, July 28, 2017 | Print Download

UD Trucks launched the new medium-duty Condor truck that complies with Japan’s 2016 exhaust gas regulations.


Ageo, Japan – 28 July, 2017- UD Trucks’ new medium-duty truck “Condor” is a good business partner for customers that allows them to feel a complete sense of security and tackle logistical challenges. The Condor is equipped with fuel efficiency, safety features, and drivability, which are fundamental ingredients for medium-duty trucks. In addition, UD Trucks’ comprehensive support services will realize efficient logistics in an even better way. 

The new “Condor” offers a greater variety of engine power, cabin types, and drive train systems than existing models. By adopting automated manual transmission as a new option, Condor comes with a wide range of models that meet the business needs of customers. The front grilles employ the hexagon grille, which is UD’s basic motif, displaying that the new Condor belongs to the UD family. 

Features of the new Condor 

Fuel efficiency: 
The lightweight, compact “4HK1” engine realizes high performance and will significantly contribute to a reduction of customers’ transportation costs. The engine delivers environmental performance and further improves loading and fuel efficiency by adopting Eco Stop (idling stop-and-start system), which is effective in reducing wasteful fuel consumption and exhaust gas, the ECONO mode that prevents vehicles from excessively accelerating through automatic control of the engine speed and fuel injection, as well as an advanced turbo system and fuel injection system. All Condor trucks with GVW ranging from 8 to 14.5 tons and the 4X2 axle configuration, equipped with Eco Stop (idling stop-and-start system), achieve +10% over the 2015 fuel economy standards for heavy vehicles in Japan.
*Functions installed differ depending on the model

Safety performance:
The new Condor adopts advanced safety technology, which can firmly support customers’ safe day-to-day running. Condor’s safety performance is strengthened from three viewpoints: proactively detect danger to support drivers, support safe daily running, and minimize damage drivers suffer. Detecting danger is ensured by combining multiple advanced systems such as the pre-crash brake capable of double detection with a millimeter-wave radar and camera, the lane departure warning system, and the millimeter-wave inter-vehicle warning system. Furthermore, Condor’s safety performance helps reduce drivers’ fatigue and contributes to the day-to-day safe operation of vehicles.
*Functions installed differ depending on the model

In addition to the reliable manual transmission, automatic manual transmission (AMT) options, capable of operating the transmission only with a shift lever, without a clutch pedal, are available for all models. The ECONO mode that enables automatic gear shifting provides all drivers with comfortable drivability and fuel efficient driving. Condor’s large cabin’s interior excels in operability and visibility and has plenty of storage space such as a center console box. Drivers will be offered a comfortable and efficient environment not only while driving but also working in the cabin. 

The new Condor pursues efficient maintenance as well. By providing authentic, fulfilling aftermarket services, UD Trucks ensures that customers’ trucks run and remain in optimum condition, maximizing its uptime.

* The Condor is sourced from Isuzu Motors Limited as OEM product.

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