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Our Purchasing Items

We are looking for suppliers for the following products.

Hydraulic Parts Cylinder, Pump, Motor, Valve, Filter, Accumulator, Oil cooler, Tank, Hose, Joint, Hose reel, etc.
Automobile Parts Engine, Axle, Propeller shaft, Torque converter, Transmission, Retarder, Brake, Power-Take-Off, Tire, Wheel, Radiator, Air cleaner, Seat, Repair tools etc.
Controller Radio controller and others.
Electric Parts Harness, Switch, Buzzer, Connector, Sensor, Lamp, Battery, Air conditioner for automobile, Car radio, Meters etc.
Rubber/Plastics Plastic forming and machining products, Vibro-isolating material, Cushion material, Sealing parts etc.
General Standard Parts Bearings, Bush, Wire rope, Fastener, Hose band etc.
Others Machining products, Welding products, Steel metal products, Forging products, Casting products

If you have any products to introduce us, please send your registration.