The TADANO Group strives to help protect the global environment and contribute to the creation of a sustainable society.

Environmental Policy

We will contribute to creating a prosperous society by seeking harmony between people, machines and the environment.

  1. Promote environmentally responsible behavior.
    Believing that self-awareness is the first step towards sustained effort and improvement, we give importance to educating every employee and to each individual's routine, everyday efforts.
  2. Develop environmentally friendly products.
    Aware that the use of the TADANO Group's products has an effect on the environment, we work to develop products that are friendly to the environment throughout their entire life cycle, particularly in terms of fuel efficiency and low noise output.
  3. Conduct environmentally responsible business activities.
    In all of our business processes, we are dedicated to reducing the burden placed on the environment through conserving resources, recycling, preventing environmental pollution, and other efforts.

Solar Panel Installation

We have installed 2,000 square meters of solar cells on the roof of the Shido Plant, our Japanese mother factory, located in Kagawa Prefecture. Kagawa Prefecture receives some of the most hours of sunlight of any prefecture in Japan.

Transporting Products by Barge

In 2008, we overhauled the port adjacent to the Shido Plant, our Japanese mother factory, located in Kagawa Prefecture, and began transporting products by barge. Products are loaded directly onto barges from the plant, reducing costs, improving quality, and contributing to reduced CO2 production.

Technologies and Services Supporting Environmentally Friendly Products

TADANO established its Environmental Policy in 2008, whose motto is "fostering harmony between people, machinery, and the environment, and contributing to the creation of happy communities". We have defined "CO2 emissions reductions", "fuel efficiency", and "low noise" as the means by which we can accomplish this, and we are engaged in the development of environmentally friendly products.

Infrastructure Technologies and Services Supporting Environmentally Friendly Products

1. Energy Management

We actively employ energy management measures, such as integrated control using fuel usage reduction technologies like engine shutoff when vehicles are stopped, engine acceleration control, hydraulic pump and motor control, electric motor control, and battery recharging control, resulting in higher fuel efficiency and lower noise production.

Electrical control technologies

  • Engine acceleration RPM control
  • Hydraulic pump flow control
  • Hydraulic motor input control
  • Fuel consumption visualization technology

Electric technologies

  • Electric motor control technology
  • Battery control technology

2. Vehicle Running Resistance Reductions

We reduce vehicle running resistance by reducing vehicle weights, resulting in higher fuel efficiency and lower noise production.

High-tensile steel plate processing and welding technology

  • Mechanical structural component weight reduction technology

Structural analysis technology

  • Mechanical structural component weight reduction technology

3. HELLO-NET Web Information Service

HELLO-NET makes it possible to confirm the operating status and location of products containing communications devices, as well as the amount of fuel they have consumed.

Service Network ICT Utilization

  • Web-based fuel consumption confirmation

Environmentally Friendly Product Functions

The technologies above are used in the development of a wide range of functions for environmentally friendly products.

  1. Fuel consumption monitors: Fuel consumption information is displayed at all times on the AML when the crane is in operation or in transit.
    ⇒Used in rough terrain cranes
  2. Eco Mode: Limits the peak engine RPM during crane operation
    ⇒Used in rough terrain cranes
  3. Positive Control: This system is used to efficiently control hydraulic pump flow based on the movement of the operation lever when operating a crane. When the crane is not in operation, the hydraulic pump flow is minimized, resulting in drastic fuel consumption reductions.
    ⇒Used in rough terrain cranes
  4. Silent Eco Pump: This system uses high capacity pumps and computers to optimize acceleration control.
    ⇒Used in truck loader cranes
  5. Eco Winch: Automatically controls lifting speed based on the weight of the object being lifted.
    ⇒Used in truck loader cranes
  6. Idling Stop: This system automatically stops engines after the crane has been left idle for a specified amount of time, taking care not to interfere with ongoing high elevation work.
    ⇒Used in truck loader cranes and aerial work platforms
  7. Battery Driven Aerial Work Platform: This uses electrical motors as hydraulic drive sources.
    ⇒Used in aerial work platforms